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Can I have my own vet spay/neuter the pet I adopt?
Spaying and neutering is the single most immediate and direct thing we can do to reduce the number of unwanted and homeless pets that we care for, so you'll understand that we make absolutely sure that all our animals are spayed or neutered before leaving for their new homes. Even if the pet you fall in love with isn't fixed when you meet it at the shelter, we'll arrange for it to have its surgery before you take it home.

Why is there an adoption fee?
All the pets here at Bangor Humane Society are given their starter vaccinations and treatments to protect them and all the other animals in our care from contagious diseases. They all also get a de-wormer, flea, mite and tick treatment and any medical or grooming care they need before being adopted.

As you'll see when you visit, we operate a large facility in order to provide the animals with a safe, healthy (mentally and physically) and happy place to stay while they're waiting for a new family.

We do all of this to give the pets the best care, but it comes with a cost. Our adoption fees cover only about 25% or our annual operating costs and when you compare the cost of adopting a pet from us with the cost of paying for all the treatments a 'free to good home' pet needs, you'll find that adoption from BHS is actually a bargain! Of course, the feeling you get from giving an unwanted or homeless pet a new life is priceless!

I was trying to decide between two animals and the one I chose isn't working out. What can I do?
Making the right match between a person and their pet is not an exact science but we try our best to make sure that pets aren't adopted into home after home on a 'trial basis'. However, we do understand that things don't always work out and are very happy to discuss the situation with you. Give us a call and we'll see how we might be able to help.

I'm interested in adopting the dog or cat I saw in the newspaper or I saw on TV or I heard about on the radio, or I saw on your web site. If I call and pay a deposit will you hold it for me?
Completion of a pre-adoption survey is neccessary. They are available at the shelter, and can be emailed or faxed to your location. If you have a clear idea of the pet you're looking for you can also fill out an "In Search Of" form and send it with your pre-adoption survey. Then, when an animal comes in that seems to be a good match, we will contact you to arrange a visit.

For a non-refundable deposit of $35, we will hold a pet until 5:30 p.m. the next business day for you. If you have not yet filled our a pre-adoption survey you will be asked to first do so.

Do you have pets other than cats and dogs available for adoption? 
We often have other small companion animals such as rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, parakeets, doves and cockatiels available for adoption. We do not offer exotic animals.


If my pet is found and brought to the shelter, how do I reclaim it? 
These are our favorite moments: when a lost pet is reunited with their owner! However, there are rules set by the State of Maine and local municipalities that we have to follow so please make sure to come in person with photo identification, funds to pay the town's impound fee, the boarding fee for each day the animal was here ($12 per day), plus the fee for vaccinations (if applicable). Also required is proof of ownership (photos are good) and the applicable license for the animal. Please call us before coming down and we'll be able to tell you the cost of reclaiming your pet.

What if I can't afford to reclaim my stray pet?
Please call us at and discuss the situation.

Are all stray animals in this region brought to the Bangor Humane Society?
All municipalities are required by State law to contract with an animal shelter to house stray pets. The City of Bangor and over 30 towns in this region have contracted with Bangor Humane Society.

We are unable to take in stray pets from towns that contract with a different shelter; if your animal is lost it is best to call your Town Hall or City Hall to receive the number for your animal control officer (ACO) or contracting shelter.


Strays (continued)

I lost my animal, how do I know if you have it?
When a stray comes is we check for tags and/or microchip identification; if the animal has a rabies tag we call the vet; if it has a license tag we call the Town or City and try to locate the owner; if it has a microchip, we use that information to contact the owner. If your pet has no form of identification, you can fill out a Lost Animal Report (over the phone or in person at the shelter) and we will watch in case it is brought in to us.

What if no one reclaims a stray animal?
In accordance to the laws of the State of Maine, we hold stray dogs for six business days and stray cats for three business days.

If an owner does not arrive to reclaim their animal during that time, the next step is to evaluate the animal for temperament and health before being placed for adoption. There is no time limit on how long a healthy adoptable pet can stay with us and some have stayed more than six months before they found just the right home.


How much do you charge to take in an animal?
There is no fee to give up your unwanted pet, but we do ask for a $25 donation to cover costs such as vaccinations, food, toys, treats and other medical care.

Do you take in animals other than cats, kittens, dogs and puppies?
We are unable to care for wildlife and exotic animals. We do accept small companion animals such as rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, parakeets, doves and cockatiels.

What should I do if I find a dead bird in my yard?
It is particularly important that you let your Department of Public Works in Bangor and Brewer or your Town Office know about dead birds as they are used to track the spread of diseases such as West Nile Virus.

What should I do if I see a stray around my house?
First, please don't assume it is a stray. Many outdoor pets, particularly cats, will wander and if you feed them they'll stick around. Observe it for a collar or identification; wounds or illness. If a cat is on your property and there is no known owner, we would happily accept it. If any animal appears to be in danger or in distress, consider the situation and act appropriately. The Bangor Humane Society does accept any stray animal from contracting towns.

If you have any questions or require assistance, call your Town Office or City Hall and ask for the Animal Control Officer (ACO).

What should I do if I see a car hit an animal?
Please call the Police, Sheriff's Office or 911 and ask for the law enforcement unit with jurisdiction over the area of the accident; do not try to move the animal or bring it into your house; wait for help to arrive; try to avoid more accidents at the same scene by directing traffic around the animal and or car.

Will you accept declawed cats?

Will you accept feral cats?
Truly feral cats are very difficult to handle and do not enjoy human company. We will accept them but may be unable to that cat into our adoption program. There are simply too many social and friendly cats that are also struggling to find homes. There may be programs in your area to trap-neuter-release, or better socialize this group of deserving felines.

Can I bring my pet to BHS to be euthanized?
If you have made the heart-wrenching decision that your pet must be put to sleep, your veterinarian is the very best person to do it. We do not offer this service to the public.

Can I bring my pet to BHS to be cremated after it has died?
Yes, we can cremate your pet but are not able to return the ashes to you. The fee is $35.

What is your euthanization policy?
The Bangor Humane Society does not euthanize healthy, adoptable animals; animals are not put to sleep for time limitations or space restrictions. Our goal is to place as many safe, healthy pets into loving homes as possible. Please call the shelter if you have any questions regarding this policy.



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