Saturday Kids Give Back

We love this awesome event, hosted by BHS board member Laurie Qualey, that allows kids to give back to the animals in a fun way! There is no fee to join, we just ask that you bring an item from our wishlist. Please RSVP to join us for a few hours of fun: craft cat toys, make kennel signs for an adoptable animal, and make some tasty dog treats!



Kitten Kindergarten

Calling all kitten owners! Veazie Veterinary Clinic is bringing you Kitten Kindergarten. Kittens ages 8-12 weeks are welcomed by Dr. Michael McCaw for socialization with other kittens, people, and new objects. Cat owners will also learn about cat health and behavior, while getting used to a vet setting and car rides during the two weekly 90-minute classes! Registration is FREE, contact Veazie Vet today to learn more about this fun class. Kitten development is huge during the first few weeks of their lives, you'll be thanking yourself later for signing them up for Kitten Kindergarten!