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If you have found a lost pet, please call and speak with our staff or complete a Found report below. We can help you file a found pet report, contact your local animal control officer or contracting facility, and more.

We are available to help you fill out a lost dog or cat report if your animal has gone missing! You can file a lost animal report through one of our online submission forms, or you may call and speak directly to one of our staff at 207-942-8902. We would love to have a photo of your pet to compare to animals currently seeking shelter at BHS; you can email one to us at our front desk email, , or you can use our convenient online lost pet forms and attach a photo to your submission.

Lost Cat Form

Lost Dog Form

Also, visit or to report your missing pet.

Courtesy of Maine Lost Dog Recovery, here are some immediate steps to take should your dog go missing.

“Your lost dog may not come to you if called (this is very common), especially if the dog is shy or newly adopted. It is critical that people helping you know not to chase after or call out to the dog as this will only cause the dog to run further or into harm’s way. Using tips shown in the “Calming Signals” video can help.

Do not chase your dog! Remember: get low or lay flat, speak softly, avoid direct eye contact and give your dog time to recognize a familiar voice/smell. Dogs lost in an unfamiliar area tend to stay close to that area unless frightened away by people searching, being loud, calling out, or chasing.

  1. Call animal control for your town AND surrounding towns (in case the dog travels across town lines). Dogs have been known to travel miles in just hours.
  2. Contact the shelters; local and beyond, in case she/he travels. Send electronically or deliver flyers with photos if possible. Also contact local veterinarians and emergency clinics.
  3. Place down smelly food and leave out dirty laundry and dog’s bedding in the area where the dog went missing.
  4. Hang lots of flyers (between 100-300) on telephone poles within a 3-5 mile radius of where your dog was lost. Make sure all major intersections are posted. Be sure to place the flyers in plastic sleeves/sheet protectors upside down to protect them from the elements and attach to telephone poles using a staple gun. This is a critical piece to bringing a dog home safely.
  5. Make sure you check with all nearby landowners, for any places a dog could get trapped: outbuildings or old wells for example.”

Found Cat Report

Found Dog Report


If you have found a stray animal, the best thing to do is contact your local animal control officer, town office, or police department. Different towns and cities contract with different organizations to care for their stray animals. You are also welcome to contact us at (207) 942-8902 and we would be happy to help you figure out the next step. Please call before bringing the animal anywhere, so we can ensure you are bringing him/her to the right place.
The Bangor Humane Society contracts with several local towns as their stray holding facility. Please see the listing below to see if your town contracts with us.

If you have found a stray animal and are not sure what shelter your town contracts with, please use’s handy listing at the following link:

You can also call your town office or local law enforcement if you observe a stray animal and need assistance. Please contact these avenues should you require immediate assistance. The Bangor Humane Society is not able to go out into the community to retrieve stray animals.

If your animal has been brought to BHS as a stray and you are looking to reclaim, we would be happy to help get your animal back to you! If we have your lost pet, please stop by during normal business hours with your State ID or Driver’s License, and proof of ownership such as vet records, photos, etc. The Bangor Humane Society charges a fee of $15 per day that your animal spends with us; this is to help cover the cost of food, water, and care provided to your animal while they have been with us. Different cities and towns will also charge a fee that is pre-determined at the beginning of each year. The fee is charged by the contracting cities and towns, and the money is not kept by BHS.

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