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Dear Fellow Animal Supporters

We and many others who love and support Bangor Humane Society have a vision.Picture a family who arrives at BHS excited to welcome a new pet cat into their home. Today this family must walk through doors and barriers to find adoptable cats who are housed in metal kennels and often hide their personalities under the stress of their sterile, noisy environment.

In our vision, this family walks through the door and experiences love at first sight with a cat climbing freely and naturally through his comfortable cat condo.

Picture individuals who, in tears, turn to Bangor Humane Society to surrender their pets because economic factors have left them unable to provide them with medical care. Today it happens publicly in the BHS front lobby.

In our vision, they make this difficult and emotional decision in a private space with the support of compassionate staff.

Picture caring staff gathered, making decisions about the future of a dog in dire conditions, using the same criteria as you would with your own beloved pet. Providing a second chance at life in an aging building that sometimes works against them.

In our vision, the physical building of BHS works with them to better serve the medical needs, rehabilitation and comfort of this pet until adopted into a forever home.
This will not be a place to simply house homeless animals. This will be a temporary home for thousands of deserving pets, a place where they can find comfort and compassion while they await their forever homes.

Please join us. Be a part of this vision, with your leadership, your generous support, and your hearts.

Thank you for your support!


Our Campaign Goal is to raise $1,750,000

Our Mission

BHS champions the humane treatment and adoption of companion animals, provides quality care for homeless pets, and promotes animal welfare through education and advocacy.

Our Challenges

Animal care and welfare has advanced in the past twenty years since the current Bangor Humane Society’s shelter was built. Better methods for caring for homeless animals, providing quality adoptions between local residents and animals, as well as ensuring better living conditions for the animals in our care are priorities that need structural facility changes in order for BHS staff and volunteers to realistically maintain these priorities long term.

What the Campaign Supports

We are preserving the spaces that function well. The renovation focuses on the

  • An improved lobby where the entering public can see pets available for adoption to encourage more immediate connections between pets and humans.
  • Pet housing areas to reduce disease transmission.
  • Pet care areas to add natural light, ventilation and ergonomic work spaces.
  • Surrender rooms that provide privacy for families making the difficult decision to give up a pet.
  • Improved Veterinary care area for spay / neuter and treatment of sick surrendered pets.
  • Easier access and better flow to the dogs and cats available for adoption
  • Dedicated area for animal support throughout the day by staff and volunteers, creating effective separation for pet care.
  • Better separation of dogs and cats to encourage adoptions of more relaxed animals.
    An education room will be used as a gathering place for groups to learn more about humane education and responsible pet ownership.

Facilities Renovations Floor Plan

  • Public Spaces
  • Animal Housing & Adoption Areas
  • Administrative Offices
  • Behind-the-Scenes Care

Why Should I Support the Campaign

The Building for Tomorrow, Creating Bonds for Life capital campaign allows you to invest in transforming our facility to save more pet lives, helping us to serve the community better.

Ways of Giving

You can give your support for BHS’s future renovation today. Please give by:

Check, credit card or money order: Make your check out to the Bangor Humane Society – Capital Campaign.

Appreciated securities: Gifts of Securities may be handled through your bank or broker or handled by you directly. Call, write or e-mail to learn more about transferring securities to support the campaign.
Give Through Your IRA: Check with your personal financial or tax advisor for information on making a charitable gift directly from your IRA assets without tax implications.

Corporate Matching Gifts: Ask your employer (or former employer if you are retired) if the company will match your contribution to the campaign.

Bequests: You may also remember the Bangor Humane Society in your will or estate planning. Consult with your attorney to consider including the following in your will:

“I devise the sum of $_______ (or the balance of my estate) to the Bangor Humane Society of Bangor, Maine in furtherance and support of its charitable and educational purposes.”

Naming Opportunities

The campaign offers more than 42 distinct naming gift opportunities throughout the renovated facility (see the enclosed list). Your gift or signed pledge will secure one or more named areas. Naming donor signage will be displayed upon pledge fulfilment. Contact BHS Executive Director Suzan Prendergast for more information, [email protected], or (207) 942-8902, ext. 105.

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