On average, nearly 3,000 animals find refuge at the Bangor Humane Society each year as lost or abandoned pets. About two-thirds of those animals are cats. In an effort to increase our live release rate (return to owner, adoption, and transfers to rescue), the Bangor Humane Society has invested time, energy, and donor dollars into saving more lives each year. In 2012, the Bangor Humane Society was chosen as one of 50 shelters nationwide to participate in the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge.

The challenge contest, growing media and community support, customer service training for staff, creative out of the box marketing initiatives, a growing volunteer and foster family network, along with years of humane education efforts, particularly by veterinarians and state animal welfare officials has helped us increase our live release rate to 91% annual, which is up more than 30% in less than a decade!

Annually, we spend over $200,000 on providing direct, quality medical care to our shelter guests. On specialized care alone (special surgeries, diagnostic testing, dentals, tumor removals, etc), we spend nearly $75,000-- a number that continues to increase every year.

Nearly 500 animals are saved through our foster care program and offsite adoption partners every single year. Thousands more are helped because of our vigorous volunteer program that currently has over 200 active volunteers donating regular time that is valued at over $85,000.

Lastly, while over 1,500 animals are spayed/neutered through our veterinary office before adoption every year, we distribute over $25,000 a year in public spay/neuter funds to help low income pet owners in our community fix their household pets, directly impacting shelter overpopulation by reducing unwanted births.