Other Community Services

Rabies and Vaccination Clinics

Check with your local town office to see if and when they will be hosting a rabies clinic in your town.

Contact Tractor Supply in Bangor at 207-947-9604

Statewide reduced spay/neuter options:


Contact the Community Spay/Neuter Clinic at http://www.communityspayneuterclinic.com/ or call 207.865.0772

Help Fix Me

1-800-367-1317 or (207) 287-7621

State of Maine Animal Welfare 


Local Training, Doggy Day Care and Behaviorists

  • Petco, Stillwater Rd. in Bangor 945-0049
  • Petsmart, Stillwater Rd. in Bangor 922-3059
  • Carden Kennels, Ohio Street in Bangor 942-2161
  • Green Acres Kennel, Union Street in Bangor 945-6841
  • Bear Brook Kennel, in Brewer 989-9977
  • Renaissance Dogs, in Holden 989-9977
  • Bangor Pet Resort and Spa, Essex St in Bangor 941-9825

Licensing your pet

For questions about the laws and costs of licensing your pet, contact your local town office.

Statewide Food Pantries

Click here for a list of pet food pantries in Maine


Resources for Seniors:

Visit www.caring.com/senior-living/assisted-living/benefits-of-elderly-owning-pets