Adoption Policies & Fees

Only one in three animals has a home that lasts their entire lifetime. Will you be one?

Finding your match can be a challenge, especially since there are so many gorgeous furry faces at the shelter to choose from, all looking for a new home. Don't worry though! We have streamlined our adoption process to make it easier and faster to find your new companion. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find just the right pet for you so that visiting the shelter is not overwhelming. 

So how does the process work if you're interested in a dog? It all starts with a potential adopter filling out a pre-adoption form to tell us a little more about their household, lifestyle, and what they're looking for in a canine companion. Adoption counselors are trained to take that pre-adoption form and match it with the dogs available for adoption. After the pre-adoption phase, we then move on to visiting the dog in our visiting room. If there are any other dogs at home, or other people living in the home, we ask that they come in to meet the dog as well. After this, if all checks out, we can complete an adoption! The process itself takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes, and we just need a photo identification as well as a form of payment to process your adoption.

What if you're interested in a cat? We also have a pre-adoption form in place for cats. After potential adopters fill it out, we will match you with some of the cats we have available for adopton. Once things check out on paper, just like with dogs, we go into a visiting room! While we do require all members of the family to meet the cat, we do not perform cat-to-cat, or cat-to-dog visits, as it may take a few weeks to a few months for cats to adjust to new friends. If things work out, we then go through a similar adoption process. This one takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes, and only a state ID or driver's license is required to complete an adoption.

Dog Pre-adoption Survey

Dog Adoption Fees

Puppies 8 weeks - 6 months $350


7 months - 11 months $200

Young Dogs

1 year - 5 years $150
Mature Dogs 6 years - 10 years $100
Older Dogs 11 years and older Manager's Choice
Dogs with Special Needs   Manager's Choice
All Transport and VIP Dogs   Manager's Choice

What's included in the adoption fee of my new dog?

Wellness exam, behavioral evaluation, Spay/Neuter, 1-year rabies vaccination (3 months & older), Heartworm/Lyme Disease test, Distemper vaccination, Kennel cough vaccination, Topical flea/tick treatment, and microchip A value of: $425-$575

Cat Pre-Adoption Survey

Cat Adoption Fees

Kittens 8 weeks - 4 months $150 each or $225 a pair
Kittens 5 months - 7 months $125
Kittens 8 months - 11 months $100
Young Cats 1 year - 5 years $75
Mature Cats 6 years - 10 years $50
Older Cats 11 years and older Manager's Choice
Cats with Special Needs   Manager's Choice
Barn Buddies All Ages $15

What's included in the adoption fee of my new cat?

Wellness exam, Spay/neuter, 1-year rabies vaccination (3 months and older), Feline Leukemia test, Distemper vaccination, Ultranasal vaccination, Topical flea/tick and ear mite treatment and microchip. A value of: $350-$425

Small Animal Pre-Adoption Survey available at front desk

Small Animal Adoption Fees

Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils All Ages $25


All Ages $50


All Ages $75
Chinchillas All Ages $100
Birds All Ages Manager's Choice

What's included in the adoption fee of my new small animal?

Wellness exam, Spay/neuter (only rabbits) A value of: $100-$150