Dog's Day Out

This fun new program allows members of the public to take a dog out of the shelter for the day! Dogs get some quality one-on-one time, and shelter staff and volunteers learn all about how our dogs do outside of the kennel environment. It's a win-win!


Onyx enjoyed several Dog's Day Out adventures during her stay at BHS.

Get Involved

Starting out is easy! Just stop by the front desk any day that we are open. Ask to fill out our 1-page application. We will also need a photocopy of your driver's license as well as your license plate number.

After we get the application filled out, the next step is to match you with a dog. We match dogs with Dog's Day Out participants, just as we match dogs with adopters. If we have a match for you on site, you can take a dog out that day, it's that easy!

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  • Dogs who participate need to be brought back to BHS by 5pm each day. At this time there are no overnights.
  • Only two dogs are allowed offsite at once, and not all dogs are candidates for the program. Dogs must be available for adoption, with no adoption holds, in order to participate.
  • Upon return, we ask that participants fill out a report card that highlight what the dog did, how the dog did, and ways the dog can improve. These are attached to each dog's personality profile, and help potential adopters learn even more about them!
  • Interested in potentially adopting the dog you're taking out? That's awesome! We are more than happy to let you take the dog offsite for the day for a "test run". We just ask that regardless of whether or not you decide to adopt, the dog be brought back to BHS no later than 5pm, to confirm that the dog is ready to go home that day and to complete adoption paperwork.
  • BHS will provide a tote bag with collar, leash, water bottle, water bowl, treats, toys, and poo bags


With almost 100 Dog's Day Out participants, more dogs than ever before are out of their kennels and enjoying one-on-one time while they wait for their homes. Several dogs have stolen the hearts of the people who take them out. Does this sound like the program for you? Sign up today!