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Pet Listings

We are often asked if our pet listings/website are up to date. Yes! We manage the website very frequently. And even better, our pet listings are linked to our internal system: when an animal is adopted/goes up for adoption they are taken off/put on the website automatically! If an animal is not listed on the…

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Adoption Policies & Fees

Only one in three animals has a home that lasts their entire lifetime. Will you be one? Finding your match can be a challenge. There are so many gorgeous furry faces at the shelter to choose from, all looking for a new home. Don’t worry, though! We have a streamlined adoption process, making it easier…

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Barn Buddies

Want to provide shelter & care for a cat not matched for indoor living? Barn Buddies are wild, feral cats that cannot be adopted out through our typical adoption program. They are not aggressive, but they aren’t your typical cuddle bug either. For the most part, Barn Buddies keep to themselves. They keep a watchful eye…

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FeLV & FIV Adoption

Have you ever heard of Feline Leukemia or Feline Aids? FeLV and FIV are two different viruses that suppress a cat’s immune system. Though both viruses are contagious to other cats, they cannot be spread to other species, including dogs and humans. Cats with either virus can live normal, healthy lives when provided with quality…

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Special Discount Programs

OPERATION: Pet Adoption Here at BHS, we appreciate all that those who serve our country have done and continue to do for us. We know how important it can be for many veterans to have an animal companion to rely on and call their friend. To help more veterans adopt animal companions, we offer 50%…

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