Make a Gift
Are you a renter looking for a new furry family member?

As part of our commitment to placing animals in quality, forever homes, our adoption staff will need to verify with your landlord that you are allowed to have pets in your rental. Please check your lease agreement before visiting us to make sure pets are a-okay!

Pro Tip: having pet insurance helps you maintain a positive relationship with your landlord during the adoption process. We suggest checking with your insurance company about pet-friendly renter’s or homeowner’s insurance.

Already have pets and looking for a place that will allow them?

There are some landlords in the Greater Bangor area who offer animal-friendly apartment rentals. Please get in touch with local landlords and property managers directly to learn more about their policies and use apartment search engine resources like Zillow, Zumper, or Craigslist to help you find pet-friendly rentals.


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