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Want to help provide shelter and care for a cat not matched for indoor living? Barn Buddies are wild or feral cats that cannot be adopted out through our typical adoption program. They are not aggressive, but they aren’t your typical cuddle bug either. For the most part Barn Buddies keep to themselves; they keep a watchful eye over your barn while providing their excellent mousing skills.

Why adopt a Barn Cat?

Barn cats are incredibly good mousers. Many people who own farms seek out barn cats as a safe alternative to pesticides. It is also incredibly fulfilling to provide this type of feline a safe alternative to the typical home environment. Barns are not the only place that barn cats (also referred to as feral cats) can thrive; warehouses and other buildings where they can have the freedom to be who they are with the security of having access to food, water, shelter and veterinary care if need be are perfect for them.

If you have a barn, stable, or outdoor housing, you can provide a home for cats not matched for indoor living.

Barn Buddies Pre-Adoption Online Survey

What does adopting a Barn Cat mean for me?

Proper Care and Adoption Policies: Although they are incredibly independent, barn cats require fresh food and water daily, along with medical attention if necessary.

  • All Barn Buddies are spayed/neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations
  • Barn Buddies adoption fees are $15.00 per cat
  • Barn Buddies come with an optional crate in which they can be confined for 1-2 weeks prior to being released to help ensure that they understand that their new environment is now their new forever home.
  • Adopters agree to provide shelter from the elements (barn, warehouse, etc.) and fresh food/water
  • Adopters must be willing to humanely live trap Barn Buddies and provide any vet care if necessary

For more information, please give us a call at (207) 942-8902 or stop in to fill out a pre-adoption form. After you have filled out the pre-adopt, if we don’t currently have any Barn Buddies available, we will file it and contact you once we have a Barn Buddy that is ready for adoption. If we contact you and you would like to adopt, we will spay/neuter the cat at the next available date, and you can pick up the cat 2 days after spay/neuter. The adoption of each Barn Buddy will be completed the same day that you pick the Barn Buddy up.

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