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Humane Education
Let us come talk to your class or office about what we do here at the shelter! We are ready to answer any and all questions you have – and we may even bring a furry friend with us!

Offsite Events
Let us come to you! We will send a volunteer or staff member to you to represent our organization at your event with a table filled with reading materials to learn about BHS!

Dog’s Day Out
Wanting a dog but know you just aren’t ready to care for one of your own? Borrow a shelter dog instead! We welcome members of the public to come by during our business hours and take a dog out for the afternoon to do whatever you would like – go for a hike in Acadia, explore the city forest, or head to your house for an afternoon nap! No training necessary. Click here to learn more about DOG’S DAY OUT.



For Scouts, schools, or anyone who is interested, come have a tour of BHS! We will show you the ins and outs of our building so you can understand how we save 3000 lives every year!

Educational Workshops
All starting with our Rabbit 101 workshop which evolved into our Small Animal 101 workshop, we will be offering many class-like workshops where members of the public can learn more about the care and ownership of pets of all sizes!

Fast Track Volunteer
While interacting with the animals is always an exciting form of volunteering, one of the most crucial things anyone can do to help is our grunt work. From dishes to laundry, there is so much to be done – and we invite the public to come help us with it all! No training necessary.

Kids Give Back
We are so fortunate that the youth today are so generous – it seems like it is weekly that we have kids come in to donate supplies in lieu of birthday gifts! Now, to celebrate those who choose to give instead of get, we host small birthday parties right here at the shelter! Kids who attend will have the opportunity to make toys or treats for some of our shelter guests, as well as posters to help them find new homes! Parents have the ability to decorate the party space the day before and can supply any snacks or cake they want to bring. We request a minimum of 30 day notice to plan. Thank you. For more ways on how Kids can Give Back to BHS, visit OTHER WAYS TO GIVE.

Cats on Laps
We know how important it is for people of all ages to enjoy the companionship of animals. For the nursing homes in our community, we offer animal visitation trips to BHS so residents can enjoy the company of some of the animals in our care!

To learn more about any of our humane education and outreach programs, please contact our Volunteer & Community Outreach Director Chelsea Brown at or (207) 942-8902 ext. 1028! We look forward to working with you!

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