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Our Volunteers Save Lives!

We currently have a waiting list for new volunteers. Please contact our Volunteer and Community Outreach Director, Chelsea Brown, at [email protected] to sign up or for more information.

Here’s just a few things we could use your help with here at BHS!

  • Dog walking!  At 8:00 AM and 3:15 PM every day, rain or shine. Come walk the trails with our canine friends and give them some time outside their kennels.
  • Cleaning cat kennels! At 9:00 AM we clean all of the cat kennels in the building. Many hands make light work and we always love seeing our kitties socialized!
  • Events! We relish the opportunity to spread our mission and talk about our available animals at offsite events! Join us!
  • Cleaning! We have lots of dishes, laundry, and cleaning to do all day long from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, 365 days a year. We would love your help!
  • Click here to find out more about specific volunteer roles.

Volunteers must be 10 years old or older. We require parental supervision on-site at all times until the age of 16. Volunteers under the age of 16 are unable to work with canines.

Getting started is easy! Just watch a short informational video and complete an application. Sound exciting? Email our Volunteer Director, Chelsea Brown, at [email protected]

You’ll find details about some of our volunteer programs below. Thank you and HAPPY VOLUNTEERING!

Fast Track Volunteer Program

Looking for a quick and easy way to volunteer? We’re happy to put you to work sweeping, mopping, or doing laundry and dishes, and there’s no recurring commitment necessary. Come help out when it’s convenient for you and learn more about BHS!  Contact our Volunteer and Community Outreach Director, Chelsea Brown at [email protected] to find out more.

*Participants in this program must be over the age of 18 or accompanied by an adult.

Dog’s Day Out (Due to Covid, this program is currently suspended, but keep checking back!)

Come treat one of our adoptable dogs to an afternoon of fun. Take them for a hike or just go hang out at your house- they’ll be happy as long as they’re with you. This program requires no commitment or training. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DOG’S DAY OUT.

*Participants of this program must be over the age of 18 or accompanied by an adult.

Community Service

We are pleased to offer volunteer hours to individuals performing court-ordered or education-based community service. To learn more, please email our Volunteer and Community Outreach Director, Chelsea Brown, at [email protected].

*Space is limited. Some restrictions apply.

Humane Education & Outreach

We provide humane education to children so they can become the caring pet owners of the future. We recognize the important role pets play in our lives and promote pet-savvy practices through our outreach efforts. We strive to make lifelong, enriching bonds between people and animals. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HUMANE EDUCATION & OUTREACH.

Interested in coming by for a tour? Would you like us to come to you? We love to get out into our community in Bangor and beyond!


Do you offer volunteer opportunities for groups?
Yes, when we have the availability! Group needs and sizes may affect our ability to accommodate. The sooner you get in touch, the better! To discuss your specific group’s needs, please contact our Volunteer & Community Outreach Director Chelsea at [email protected] or (207) 942-8902 ext. 108.

I work or go to school during the week. What opportunities are there for me?
There are people at the Bangor Humane Society 365 days a year, from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM almost every day. Many volunteers are in school or hold other jobs. They can work volunteering into their schedules as well!

What if I can’t commit to a schedule once a week?
Although we do strongly encourage applicants to commit to two hours each week, we understand that it’s not always possible. We can individualize a plan for you based on your schedule.

Can I use volunteer time at the Bangor Humane Society to complete school or court-mandated requirements?
If you need to fulfill a school or court requirement, please contact our Volunteer & Community Outreach Director, Chelsea, to discuss availability and restrictions at [email protected]

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