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We are not currently enrolling new volunteers. Please check back!

Our volunteers save lives.

From dog walkers to cat cleaners, and dishwashers to offsite events, we would love your help with just about everything! Daily dog walks are at 8:00 am and 3:15 pm, we would love to have you come walk the trails with our canine friends and give them some time outside of their kennels. At 9:00am every morning we clean all of the cat kennels in the building and would love help cleaning and then afterwards socializing our kitties. One of our favorite things to do is spread our mission and talk about our available animals at offsite events! We have lots of dishes, laundry, and cleaning to do all day long from 8:00am-6:00pm 365 days a year – and we would love your help! This program requires participants to be 10 years old or older, and with parental supervision onsite at all times until the age of 16. Volunteers under the age of 16 are unable to work with canines.

To get started, we first ask that you watch a short informational video and complete an application. To get involved, please email our Volunteer Director Chelsea Brown at Thank you and happy volunteering!


Looking to volunteer but with less commitment? Check out our Fast Track volunteering and Dog’s Day Out programs! CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED


Our current weekly volunteer positions:

Dog Walking and R & R
Each morning and afternoon, our dogs leave their kennels for some much needed fresh air and exercise. Volunteers will work with dogs of all sizes and breeds, and will help enforce good behavior and encourage training. These volunteers will also take dogs for extra walks, socialize with them, and provide extra love – making their stay with us a little easier.

Dog Kennel Cleaners
Cleanliness is one of our top priorities and we work hard each day to make sure our animals are in the cleanest space possible. Dog kennel cleaners help throughout the day, both deep cleaning our empty kennels in the morning and spot cleaning them throughout the afternoon.

Cat Kennel Cleaners and R&R
We have over 150 cat kennels in the building – which makes for a lot of cleaning and making this one of the most important roles in our building! These volunteers help with getting our cat spaces ready before we open – replacing bedding, changing litter boxes, filling food bowls and so on. They ensure their environment is clean and comfortable all day long, while enjoying some purrs and snuggles at the same time! These volunteers will also help us keep our cats comfortable by giving them some extra love while they are here.

Small Animal Care Assistants
Morning cleaning care givers assist with getting our smaller critters ready for the day! Ranging from rabbits to hamsters, we provide fresh bedding, food, hay and vegetables to help them thrive while they are with us. As these guests tend to stay with us longer than the dogs and cats, these volunteers also fill the crucial role of socialization as well!

Shelter Helpers
This is the odds and ends of shelter work – the less glamorous but just as important things! Whether it is washing dishes, cleaning laundry, organizing supplies, bleaching kennels to prep for incoming animals, these volunteers are essential to our day – to – day function and help free up staff to work more closely with the most in – need animals!

Adoption Counselor Assistant
Help out our Adoption Counselors at the front desk by directing traffic, answering phones, and other aspects of customer service. As volunteers spend more time here, they are able to train to help match cats with potential adopters as well!

Transport Volunteer
While we try and do most things with the animals in house, sometimes they need to be escorted to or from other locations. Whether it’s a drop off or pick up at a local vet office or meeting a transport van full of puppies in Southern Maine, we are always in need of volunteers who are available to help our animals get from point A to point B!

Event Volunteer
Like getting out into the community? We frequently host offsite adoption events and informational events, and always need volunteers ready to go and represent BHS!

Humane Education Volunteer
We always need enthusiastic people who enjoy working with kids to help us lead small tours and assist with different humane education events, including Kids Give Back and Cats on Laps. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON HUMANE EDUCATION & OUTREACH.



Do you offer volunteer opportunities for groups?
Yes, when we have the availability! Group needs and sizes may affect our ability to accommodate – the sooner you get in touch, the better! To discuss your specific group’s needs, please contact our Volunteer & Community Outreach Director Chelsea at chelsea@bangorhumane or (207) 942-8902 ext. 108.

I work or go to school during the week. What opportunities are there for me?
There are people at the Bangor Humane Society 365 days a year, from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm almost every day. Many volunteers are in school or hold other jobs, and are able to work volunteering into their schedules as well!

What if I can’t commit to a schedule once a week?
Although we do strongly encourage applicants to commit to two hours each week, we do understand that it’s not always possible. We can individualize a plan for you based around your schedule.

Can I use my volunteer time at the Bangor Humane Society to complete a school or court mandated requirement?
If you need to fulfill a school or court requirement, please contact our Volunteer & Community Outreach Director Chelsea to discuss availability and restrictions at

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