Make a Gift

Dogs are social animals. We find that extensive amounts of time in the kennel take a harsh toll on their minds. So, we thought, how can we make their stay better? Born from that thought was our Dog’s Day Out program. A fun way for dog lovers in our community to help us while benefiting dogs in our care!

This allows community members to sign out one of our adoptable dogs for an afternoon of fun. Whether that means going to your house to hang out or a hike, it is completely up to you! This not only gives people their “dog fill,” so to speak. It also gives our dogs extra exercise, attention, and adoption exposure.

This program also allows potential adopters to see what a day with the dog they are interested in is like. In turn, helping us make better, more thorough matches! This program is really successful, which can make it tricky to be part of. We only allow two dogs off-site at a given time. If you come right when we open, you likely will have no issue getting a dog for the day!

To Get Involved

Stop by BHS any time we are open. There is some paperwork to complete. We will want a copy of your photo ID. If you want to take a dog that day, we give you all the supplies you may need and a cute “ADOPT ME” vest for the dog to wear while out on the town. When you return, we have you complete a doggy report card to help adopters learn more about them!

*Participants of this program must be over the age of 18 or accompanied by an adult.

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