Name: Bruno
Breed: Terrier
Age: 3 years, 9 months
Sex: Male
Weight: 70 Pounds
Location: Private Suite

Bruno is the kind of dog that defines the mission of MVP Mutts. He’s very bright, he’s very suspicious of new people, and he desperately needs a job. If you are living a quiet, rural life in need of a right-hand man, Bruno is your guy. Your mission will be to earn his trust, build his confidence in the safety of your presence, and give him lots of treats. Arguably, the last one is the easiest, so maybe make that the first thing on the list so you’re both feeling successful? Because Bruno isn’t fond of new folks right away, you won’t find him on the adoption floor. He has his own suite of rooms in the back of the house, and for the right candidate, we’ll happily set up a series of slow and gentle introductions. He wanted us to give him an opportunity to tell his story in his own words, so read on!

Dear Hoomans,

I’m Bruno, but you can call me the “bestest boy.” I’ve got a list of favorite things longer than a sausage link, including parkour, pup cups, squeaky and stuffed toys, chimken nuggets, and basically every dog-friendly snack known to humanity. They say I’m the smartest and most handsome boy in the whole wide world (or at least that’s what they keep telling me here).

When the weather’s fine, you’ll find me splashing around in my doggy pool, playing a rousing game of fetch with my beloved humans, and reveling in the joy of car rides.

Now, if you’re interested in having an audience with me, please have your people give a shout to my people. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your most delectable snacks along!


Bruno’s journey began as a street dog, but now he’s a spoiled pup looking for a rural paradise with an experienced owner who’s ready to embark on a mission of training and dedication to ensure he leads his best life. Bruno would thrive as the sole canine companion, and he’s best suited for adult humans. Cats might be acceptable if they have ample space and proper introductions.

Our dedicated staff has been working with Bruno since his arrival in September 2021. He’s a blend of brawn and brains, always eager to showcase his impressive tricks and spins, and he’s incredibly loyal to his humans. To form a lasting bond with this charming lad, multiple visits may be needed (by the way, he seems to have a preference for the ladies).

If you have any further inquiries or wish to meet this dashing fellow, please don’t hesitate to contact BHS for more information!


Words From Happy Homes