Name: Bagheera
Breed: Great Pyrenees Mix
Age: 3 Years, 10 Months
Sex: Female
Weight: 88 Pounds
Location: Adoption 1

Bagheera is a beautiful Great Pyrenees mix (we said mix, folks. we have no idea what else is going on in that DNA ladder.), but she is 100% full-bred good dog. She is very friendly, loves to give her favorite people hugs, and she likes what she likes. It’s that last part that’s going to take a very special person. Baggie, as we affectionately call her, has a tendency to resource guard. Sometimes it’s toys, sometimes it’s people, sometimes it’s the couch. Whoever Baggie ends up with will need to expertly balance discipline and rule-setting with lots of patience and love.

She’s a lively lady, brimming with enthusiasm, and here are some insights into her likes and dislikes. Bagheera loves the thrill of zoomies, relishing tasty snacks, frolicking in the snow, and basking in the limelight as the center of attention. However, she’s not so fond of birds and butterflies, sharing her treasures, or finding empty treat containers.

If you’re considering becoming Bagheera’s forever companion, here’s the ideal match for her:

A ‘seasoned’ owner: Bagheera tends to be protective of what she considers her possessions, so an owner with extensive experience in managing resource guarding and working with dogs exhibiting behavioral quirks is a must. She’s not suited for first-time dog owners.

A spacious home environment: This large and in-charge lady needs room to roam and stretch her legs.

Limited guests: Bagheera may need some time to warm up and adapt to new people and situations, so a home with fewer visitors would be best.

Daily Brain and Body exercise: Bagheera is brimming with energy, so be prepared for an active companion who will keep you on your toes!

No felines, canines, or tiny humans, please: Bagheera’s ideal home doesn’t include other pets or small children.

Bagheera is a fantastic, delightfully fun, and sweet girl who’s on the lookout for her new best friend.


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