Name: Darla
Breed: Hound mix
Age: 7 Years, 2 Months
Sex: Female
Weight: 48 Pounds
Location: Dog Adoption 1

PFC Darla, reporting for duty! This lively, energetic girl probably isn’t going to tolerate a drill sergeant who can’t handle a little sass. She’s super talkative, and has no “chill” when it comes to taking treats, especially when she’s excited. Her ideal leader is someone who has a good sense of humor, sets reasonable expectations, pays handsomely in jerky, and offers lots of opportunity for PT. Is she the right fit for your company?

Meet Darla, the talkative hound girl who’s always ready to let the good times roll!

This marks Darla’s third stay at BHS, as she was previously adopted and returned due to some training needs. In her new home, it will be essential for all humans to participate in her training and bonding process. Doing some hound research would be beneficial, as you’ll quickly learn that they have very strong instincts. Darla definitely has what might be described as “stubborn energy” and can be defensive with her chosen things. Be cautious around her when it comes to human food, as it’s her absolute favorite and she is reluctant to share.

Darla’s history doesn’t include living with other dogs, however where she is not interested in sharing her feeding space or toys with others, Darla is looking to be the only dog in the home. There’s no known record of Darla living with cats, so careful consideration and well-managed introductions are recommended if you have dog-savvy cats in your household. If you are looking for a running partner- look no further. She has lots of energy just be ready for the occasional stop to get some good sniffs in!

For Darla, the ideal home consists of older teens and adults only. Before considering adoption, all potential human family members must meet and interact with her.


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