Name: Chance
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Age: 2 Years 7 Months
Sex: Male
Weight: 76 Pounds
Location: Dog Adoption 1

Introducing Chance, a handsome 2-year-old Lab mix who’s on the lookout for a specific home.

Do you… live in a rural environment?
… live with only adults or older teenagers?
… have, ideally, a fenced-in space he can’t escape from?
… have experience providing high-needs dogs with structure, training, and consistency?
… have willingness to keep him on a leash AT ALL TIMES when outside of your home or fenced in area?

Chance would be best suited as the only pet in the home and thrive in an environment with limited animals around, allowing him to focus on the bond he forms with his owner. He has a high prey drive His strong prey drive means he may have a keen interest in chasing smaller creatures, so when going out he should be on leash always, and on walks, be mindful he may try to chase all the squirrels!

Chance has a knack for being an escape artist extraordinaire! He’s always up for a little adventure, so he requires a secure space and monitoring. With some creativity and patience, you can help him channel his curiosity in a positive way.

While he enjoys his human company, Chance prefers a home without young children. Teenagers who understand and respect his boundaries may be a better fit. Chance is a smart pup, and he’s eager to learn and please. However, he has quite the personality that requires an experienced owner who can provide structured training and consistency. With the right guidance, Chance can shine!

If you can check all his boxes, please consider meeting Chance! He is ready to be out of the shelter environment and in a home! Give the guy a chance, huh?


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